Do the Work – Book Review

Posted: May 22, 2011 by Todd in Books
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Finished reading Do the Work, a free Kindle book, by Steven Pressman, author of the War of Art. It is a thoughtfully concise treatise on the struggles we all have in making something creative. Pressman provides a template of the process it takes to generate ideas and transform them into a finished product/work of art.  Special attention is given to the way Resistance in its multi-faceted forms works against us from within in predictable and malicious ways.

I was fascinated by the way that much of Pressman’s argument was cast in quasi-theological terms. And appropriately so. The act of truly creating from one’s heart is a divine action – an echo of the grandest creation of all. And the forces that resist this creation is truly demonic.  After reading this book, I hungered to create something of significance and slay whatever demons stand in my way.


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