Gmail as Extra Brain

Posted: July 6, 2010 by Todd in Productivity
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If you are a user of Gmail, you’ve probably learned the value of not deleting your email. The main benefit is being able to search through all your emails later. You can take this archiving productivity even further. I send myself lots of things that I’d like to be able to pull up later for reference. It might be a receipt, password, combination, recipe, anything really. Some like Evernote for this purpose, but I find Gmail even quicker to login and use. Even if you want to search for text in images, just type a few keywords that will likely be your search terms and attach the image.

When you are sending yourself things solely for the purpose of your searchable archives, set up a filter to “skip inbox” for anything with the word autoarchive in your subject line. Add this word to your subject line and you can avoid the extra step of dealing with that piece of email later. Now its automated.


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